Turn your customers into content creators

Identify influencers that are visiting your website & turn them into content creators for your brand.
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Turn your customers into content creators
with Upfluence Live Capture for e-commerce.

Identify content creators who
already love your brand
Build long-term relationships
with your influential customers
Make smarter investments
& boost your ROI


Capture visitor & customer social data

_Don’t stay in the dark about who is visiting your online store any longer. Find out which influencers are on your site and purchasing your products in order to reach-out about future collaborations.

_Embed a dedicated pop-up to prompt influencers to share their social handles in exchange for special offers or coupons, or add a dedicated field during the checkout process.


Reveal your influential customers

_Save time finding influencers by analyzing your own customer"s influence across social platforms including TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. View performance metrics & understand their audience to see if they are a good fit for your campaign. 

_Combine their social data with their purchase history to reveal your most influential customers.


Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

_Who better to promote your brand than your own customers? Create more genuine content & reach new audiences through influencers who are already familiar with your brand and purchase your products.

_With Upfluence's Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool, it's easier than even to keep track of your ambassador program and build long-term partnerships.

Measure & reward

Track performance & sales

_Connect your third-party affiliate tools to issue promotion codes and affiliate links customized for each user and compatible with your CMS.

_What impact is your ambassador program having on sales? Monitor hashtags and mentions with our social listening tool to understand which influencers generating the most interest and contributing to sales.

Integrate your favorite tools.

Google Tag Manager


What clients say about us

"It´s easy to use and we found it super useful to search for new influencers."
K. ReinhardEMEA Marketing Coordinator
"Switching to Upfluence has been a game changer for my team."
C. SmithInternational Content and Creative Head
"Very positive. The customer service is amazing!"
P. Giner
Influencer Marketing Team Leader
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