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Identify influencers in your Shopify customer base
with Upfluence Live Capture.


Capture visitor & customer social data

_Don’t stay in the dark about who is visiting your online store any longer. Find out which influencers are on your site and purchasing your products in order to reach-out about future collaborations.

_Embed a dedicated pop-up to prompt influencers to share their social handles in exchange for special offers or coupons, or add a dedicated field during the checkout process.


Reveal your influential customers

_Save time finding influencers by identifying influencer"s that are already in your customer base. View performance metrics & understand their audience to see if they are a good fit for your campaign. 

_Combine their social data with their purchase history to reveal your most influential customers.


Expand your affiliate program

_Who better to promote your brand than your own customers? Create more genuine content & reach new audiences by adding these newly identified influencers to your affiliate campaigns.

_Issue personal promotion codes natively compatible with your Shopify store.

Integrate all your favorite tools.

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"It´s easy to use and we found it super useful to search for new influencers."
K. ReinhardEMEA Marketing Coordinator
"Switching to Upfluence has been a game changer for my team."
C. SmithInternational Content and Creative Head
"Very positive. The customer service is amazing!"
P. Giner
Influencer Marketing Team Leader
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